Are they real shells?

Yes, all of the shells I use are real scallop shells. They have firstly been boiled clean before I work with them.
They sometimes may have small nicks and deformities, but this to me shows that it is a natural product and that every single shells is a ONE OF A KIND. Just like our own fingerprints.

Are they hand painted?

Yes and no. I will paint each shell with a white base coat and allow to dry before working with them. They are created by using Decoupage. After which, they are sanded down and varnished, so they are also able to be hung outside.

How big are they?

My shells average in size from 14cm-16cm.

Can you do a photo if I send it to you?

Even though I am able to customise my shells with wording and small hand drawn designs, I have tried and failed to get photographs onto my shells so far. I am in touch with other printers as its my own ink that is the problem to see if we can experiment further, but the answer for now it no.

What is the cost of shipping?

Postage will cost £3.95 for orders up to £100. After £100 FREE Shipping will be applied at checkout. 

Where do the shells come from?

The shells come from a sustainable source in Scotland. They would otherwise end up in landfills, so you are doing your part for the environment by using my recycled shells :)