Pre-Order Mini Mers Underwater Educational Book 3: Mermaid Natalie explores the Coral Reefs

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This is a Pre-order listing for the third book in my Series 1 Mini Mers book set.

Mermaid Natalie Explores the Coral Reefs.

I have created a 5 book series of underwater educational mermaid books to share my knowledge of the underwater realm with the next generation.

I spent 10 year travelling the world as a scuba diving instructor and have decided to use the 2020 lockdown to get some of my fabulous stories down onto paper. 

Each book has a mini quiz at the end to see what you have learnt from this beautiful illustrated books. 

Book 1. Mermaid Angela Finds a Sunken Shipwreck

Book2. Mermaid Antoinette and the Sharks

Book 3. Mermaid Natalie Explores the Coral Reefs

Book 4. Merman Evans Curious Creatures

Book 5. Mermaid Cassandra and the Giant Squid


Lets make learning fun. 

(I am expecting to print and ship these books out around mid January)


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The first 10 books ordered will be personally signed by myself.